"I'm going to be out there talking to everyone that will listen to me about the Care fund and Beacon Foundation..."
- NYC Flight Attendant
"On behalf of the Northwest Flight Attendants of MSP we would like to give this donation. We have had a Retirement Party for many years and this is money that was left when we decided to discontinue the party.
- MSP flight attendants
"This gift was a true lifeline and means so much because it came from my coworkers and people who care so much. Flight Attendants are the best of the best."
- DTW Flight Attendant
"You helped us stay above water and I am so appreciative of your support."
- ATL Flight Attendant
"The FMLA time allowed at the company I worked for had run out and they had to let me go...The Beacon Foundation contributors saved us!"
- Family Member of an ATL Flight Attendant who received a caregiver grant award
"I was involved in a multi-car accident. I fell 30 ft. off a bridge to avoid being hit by a car. I would be taken to the hospital in critical condition..."
- MEM Flight Attendant
"I cannot express my appreciation in words and will be eternally grateful for the great impact that the Beacon Foundation has made on my life."
- DTW Flight Attendant
"Thank you for your ministry..."
- Monthly Donor
"Here in Seattle we have such a wonderful group of retired NWA FAs that work tirelessly for the Beacon."
- Monthly Donor
"You really have no idea how much you all have saved me..."
- NYC flight attendant
"Your contribution to the Beacon Foundation has made a tremendous diference for me, my husband and four our young children."
- LAX flight attendant
"I want to thank you for the assistance you have given me. I would like to in the future raise money for your cause for others in need."
- DTW Flight Attendant
"Thank you for everything that you do!"
- DTW Flight Attendant
"Beacon Foundation helped save my life and future. THANKS to everyone who assisted me."
- DTW Flight Attendant
"The Beacon is a welcome sight, feeling, etc. in my stormy sea of bills, sickness and life!"
- HNL flight attendant
"With the most sincere thanks for your generosity and kindness, I am grateful."
- MSP flight attendant
"I can't even BEGIN to express my profound gratitude for the generosity shown me by all of you...I just never imagined I'd be on the receiving end of such a tremendous gift."
- DTW flight attendant
"I've moved home with my parents and am on food stamps...Without the generous support of my fellow flight attendants I would be going into debt."
- SEA flight attendant
"I would like to thank you in advance for anything or nothing. I would just like to say thank you!!!"
- DTW flight attendant
"Someday I will be able to get on with my life and out of this hole I am in. It will be because of you people, the Beacon Foundation."
- LAX flight attendant
"You are truly making a difference in the lives of flight attendants every day."
- MSP flight attendant
"I want to thank you for awarding me my grant and please know I am truly appreciative."
- ATL flight attendant
"Just a quick note to thank you for helping me out in my time of need - I have donated for years and now it confirms why."
- MSP flight attendant
"There was so much stress about the surgery, recovery, my job, my children’s health; it was a blessing to have financial support from the Beacon Foundation."
- MSP flight attendant
"I believe in giving until it hurts."
- MSP based flight attendant and donor to Beacon Foundation since 2000