Family Member of an ATL Flight Attendant who received a caregiver grant award

"Thank you to all Beacon Foundation contributors and staff for your assistance and support!

I went to bed on May 10, 2014 with swollen legs.  When I woke the next morning, my legs would not move.  I was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder called CIDP.  This disease caused my immune system to preceive my nerves as foreign matter in my body.  Immune cells began to destroy the nerves causing parapalegia, atrophy and serious neuropain.

I spent the summer undergoing treatments for the disease; some of which made me more ill...twelve weeks into the ordeal, the FMLA time allowed at the company I worked for had run out and they had to let me go...The Beacon Foundation contributors saved us!

I am getting better now!  I am getting stronger!  We have our home!

I cannot thank each of the Beacon supporters enough.  Through your support came hope."