MSP flight attendant

"I would like to thank everyone associated with the Beacon Foundation for your support.  While seeking medical treatment for an ongoing stomach disorder, doctors discovered that my lung was collapsed.  I was very fortunate to go to the Mayo Clinic where I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease that results in spontaneous collapse of the lungs.  The doctors at Mayo found a collapse in both lungs and scheduled me for surgery the following week.  I was in the hospital for a week and am not able to fly until May.   There was so much stress about the surgery, recovery, my job, my children’s health; it was a blessing to have financial support from the Beacon Foundation.  The application process was very easy and everyone I spoke to was helpful and compassionate.  The funds my family received have made it possible for us to keep up with our household expenses and medical bills.  Thanks again to everyone who supports the Beacon Foundation. Your support definitely makes a difference in peoples lives when they need it the most."