Join the fun and get involved with fundraising for Beacon Foundation!  Feel good about volunteering by helping your fellow flight attendants in need.  Fundraisers big or small can be successful.  To learn more about fundraising on-behalf of Beacon Foundation, check out our fundraising packet. 

Raise Money Online for Beacon Foundation

If you'd like to raise money to support Beacon Foundation but don't know where to begin, we can help!  We’ll show you how easy it is to create your own fundraising page that you can share with others by email or Facebook.  It’s a free, easy and fun way to promote your event. 

Online fundraising pages may be created at the online resource that helps foundations connect with supporters.  Through your page on, supporters can make safe and secure donations online.  You won’t need to manage the money, it’s done for you on your fundraising page!  Click on the link and follow the easy steps to create a personal fundraising page.

.Here are some fundraising ideas to get you going:

Social Events – bingo, bowling, golf-tournaments, wine tastings, silent auctions and raffles are all ideas that have brought people together for a fun social event that also raises funds. and  bing

Endurance Contests   marathons, triathlons and other races, walks or contests are a fun way to show your support the foundation.  Start a contest or campaign with your friends to see who can raise the most money.

Birthdays and Weddings – instead of presents, ask for donations to be made to Beacon Foundation.

Mission Trips and Volunteer Projects – collect funds from your supporters online through

If you have any questions, please contact us at 651-245-2441